A Toast to Independence: Sparkling Wine Week 2023

Since 1776, Americans have dared to live Untamed…

And this Fourth of July, we invite you to indulge your palate in our Blanc de Blancs, our original sparkling wine that put us on the Texas Wine Country map. A dry, bubbly sparkling wine, Blanc de Blancs offers relief from the Texas heat with refreshing effervescence. Bonus: Blanc de Blancs brings the white to your red, white and blue celebration, and is an independent libation that pairs well with freedom, sparklers and buttery shellfish. (Sidenote: Blanc de Blancs also means white from whites! It’s a real theme with this sparkling treat). 

While Blanc de Blancs is a beautiful sparkling wine, it’s also the closest you can get to champagne without grapes grown in the titular region of France. It’s also fitting because you can’t really tell the story of the American Revolution without a nod to our French compatriots. 

Enough history, back to your future glass of wine…

To achieve our legendary dry bubbles, we invoke Methode Cap Classique, the South African method of producing traditional “Champagne.” We start by hand harvesting and whole bunch pressing Chardonnay grapes. Once primary fermentation has completed, we then induce a second fermentation in-bottle and continue to age for eighteen months sur lie, resulting in a sparkling wine that is richer, full-bodied and more complex than many counterparts. 

Celebrate freedom this Independence Day with a toast of Blanc de Blancs. Looking for more culinary inspiration? Here are four recommended pairings, curated by our head chef, wine chemist and owner, Mckenzie Sanvido:

  • Thomas Keller’s risotto, with 3 TBSP of white truffle oil
  • Baked camembert made with local Hill Country honey
  • Smoked oysters (raw can also be enjoyed, but smoking these delicacies brings out the full umami)
  • Go full American for the Fourth with your favorite burger recipe, topped off with a slice of hard cheddar

Visit Untamed Wine Estates to free your palate with our Blanc de Blancs, and sample our unique and savory menu today. However you choose to celebrate this Independence Day, raise your glass in style and safety!