Our wines showcase the culmination of international winemaking through unique varietals and methodologies that break-free from traditional conventions

– Dane & Mckenzie Sanvido

Together, Dane and Mckenzie have produced 31 vintages of wine and millions of cases internationally in both corporate and family owned wineries. Untamed was the product of their experiences, a state-of-the-art wine production facility in the heart of Texas. We invite you to visit, learn, and indulge in the fruits of their labor.

The Vineyards

“The makings of a great wine begins with superior vineyards.”

The Location: Untamed was built with the intention to showcase a variety of exceptional wines and wine making styles. To meet this goal, we had to search outside of Texas to find the optimal growing conditions for many of these varietals.

Our first vintage (2018) showcases two varietals from Russian River Valley, an exceptional grape-growing region of Sonoma County. We have years of experience working with grapes in this location, and knew it would be a marvelous production of bold reds.

Our current selection of wines are grown in Monterey, California. A location that expanded our knowledge in all aspects of the wine industry and sparked our entrepreneurial pursuits. Monterey wines are often overlooked and under-appreciated due to the close proximity of Napa. Monterey’s climate, soil, and location make for perfect growing conditions and produce award winning fruit.

The Vines: Our vineyards are family run, small lot, and sustainably grown operations. Each vineyard demonstrates quality, and each vintage is always hand-harvested.


Our best wines have always been made with minimal intervention.

Winemaking Philosophy: We craft our wines in a manner representative of their original terroir. We want the grapes to remain expressive, elegant, and exposed – authentic to the climate and history found in each varietal.

Visit our production winery at Untamed to see how we put these practices into play.

The Future

Experience our history as it is represented through each wine, and follow our journey in becoming Untamed.


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