Untamed Takes "Top of Class" at San Antonio Stock & Rodeo Show International Wine Competition

You know the phrase, “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could”? Well, while that applies to Dane and Mckenzie, Untamed Wine Estates was uniquely born in Johnson City, Texas from our owners’ worldly winemaking styles and experience back in 2018. Since then, we’ve been making waves in the Texas wine world and we are elated to share our recent success at the San Antonio Stock & Rodeo Show.

On October 2-4, 2023, the San Antonio Stock & Rodeo Show International Wine Competition brought together an impressive panel that judged 913 entries from 324 wineries from around the world. Of these submissions, 47 were from Texas alone, demonstrating the growth in popularity and success from our wine region.

From the stiff competition, four Untamed wines were recognized and set apart from the rest:

“We are really ecstatic to have Untamed wines recognized for our authenticity to the grape,” says Owner and Winemaker Dane Sanvido. “Each of our varietals are unique, with special attention given to each detail in the winemaking process. This is an especially important wine competition for us because it highlights the growth of the Texas wine industry, and contributions from the competition go on to inspire the next generation of agriculturists, and, we hope, viticulturists.”

To Live Untamed is to pursue a name synonymous with an exceptional wine: distinguished, respected, and celebrated. Join us in celebrating these recent victories by toasting with a glass of our highly-acclaimed Cabernet Franc. In case you haven’t tried it before, here’s what you need to know:

  • Cabernet Franc is the original Cabernet grape. Only once this varietal was crossed with Sauvignon Blanc did Cabernet Sauvignon appear. Cabernet Franc buds before our Cabernet Sauvignon, allowing the grape to thrive in the cooler temperatures that are known throughout the Paicines area. 
  • One of the most characteristic practices in Dane’s production of red wine is saignee. “Bleeding” some juice before the red fermentation not only creates a beautiful rosé, but concentrates the remaining red wine. The bold flavors found in this Cabernet Franc are the direct results of the original saignee. 
  • We describe this wine as tall, dark, and handsome – perfect for a night out…or in. This bold, beautiful wine is your stereotypical red that you cling to on a cold day. It warms the soul and leaves a punch on the back palate.
  • Mckenzie recommends pairing this beauty with strawberries, rosemary, and pepper, along with feta, gorgonzola and goat cheeses. As we head into fall and winter, this is the perfect pairing for hearty stables like beef stew, venison, and lamb.

Cheers to this esteemed recognition, and for those yet to come! Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the know about the latest news and accolades, and of course…Dare to live each day Untamed!