The Way to Rosé


Method 1: Saignee – Our Favorite Method

Our rosé wine begins its journey as a red grape. Once the grapes have ripened during the harvest season, we hand pick the grape bunches and transport the grapes to a cold storage and transportation facility. This facility slowly chills the grapes to a reasonable temperature and sends them on a refrigerated truck to Untamed.

Upon arriving at our facility in Texas, we immediately process the grapes. This includes destemming the grapes and transporting the entire bunch of grapes to tank.

During this maceration process of our red wine production, we drain a percentage of juice once the optimal color and aroma has been reached for our rosés. This time frame is generally 4-36 hours depending on the varietal and harvest year.

After our rosé has been transferred to a tank, we allow it to settle. We then rack the wine to barrel where it undergoes fermentation and ages for 6 months. Our rosés do not go through malolactic fermentation.

This method not only produces a stellar rosé wine but it also helps to concentrate the remaining wine in tank that will become our red wine. Pulling rosé wine from the red grapes is where this method gets its name: Saignee literally means “to bleed” in reference to this transfer.


Method 2: Direct pressing

This is the Provence style (salmon-pink) rosé method. In doing this method, the winemaker produces the red wine like a white wine, and directly press the grapes upon arrival. The very brief contact with the grape skins allows for minimal color retention, giving the wine that very light pink color.


Method 3: Blending

This method literally blends a percentage of white wine and a percentage of red wine. This method is typically only used when making a Champagne. Winemakers will often use chardonnay as their main base for their champagne but add a percentage of Pinot Noir or Pinot Meunier as a blend for color, taste, or other sensory preferences.

What is our favorite Rosé?

If you’ve browsed our rosé selection, you’ll notice we have several varietals that we offer. Our favorite is our Cabernet Franc Rosé. This rosé is rich in color and flavor. A versatile favorite to drink by the pool and bring to impress at a dinner party.

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